what we offer


Goal: To discover and experience new life in Christ. 

  • Retreats based on different courses of our School of New Evangelization. 
  • Free in Christ Retreat
  • And probably All You need to be closer to God

Duration: 2 days or more.

Time/Location: Different dates and places.


Goal: To grow in friendship with God and the others

Duration: About 2 hours.

Time/Location: Every Wednesday at 7pm at St.Michael's Church, L.A. (excluding the first Wednesday of the month).

healing masses or prayer

Goal: To experience the healing power of the Holy Spirit in our life

Duration: About 2 hours. 

Time/location: Every first Wednesday of the month at 7pm at St.Michael's Church, L.A. 


Goal: To grow in capacity of serving and ministering to the people

Duration: Minimum 2 hours.