The Koinonia John the Baptist is an international evangelizing community belonging to the Catholic Church.  We are officially recognized by the Church as a private association of the faithful.

Our name expresses our mission.  

Koinonia is the Greek word for “community”.  John the Baptist’s mission – to prepare the way for the Lord – is our inspiration.  Working as a community of believers, our purpose is to share with others our joyful experiences of Jesus.

The Koinonia includes an internal community of 50 priests and 240 consecrated brothers and sisters as well as an external community of 8,000 lay members (e.g. families, singles, young adults) throughout the world. 

Our consecrated members have given their lives to the Lord Jesus in the spirituality of John the Baptist through vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  They live and minister from missionary facilities called “oasis.”

Our lay members live with strong relationships of friendship with each others as well as with Jesus,  participating in Koinonia's activities and organizing them.  Check:  

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risen jesus

Mission statement:

Our goal is to help people of all levels of faith to experience God's love,  salvation in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit through our charismatic spirituality. 

Then to invite them to our community so that they may build strong friendship with other believers,  grow spiritually and serve in a ministry. 

Finally,  to train these new members to witness their faith to others to draw new people to God.

with the power

of holy spirit


God confirms our activities with His miracles.  During our events He changes hearts,  solves difficult situation,  heals bodies and souls.  He stays with us filling us with His joy, peace and hope.

Come, See, And experience living Jesus!