our spirituality



God’s desire is to help to bless all people.  This is our desire as well.  Our charism – our spiritual gift from God – is to serve through evangelization activities,  training programs and the formation of community.

            This means:

  • To inspire the faithful and to bring others to a personal relationship with God, 
  • To form others in a variety of ministries and to minister to them with the help of the charisms of the Holy Spirit, 
  • To build faith-filled communities in which friendship and the experience of the risen Lord Jesus are lived intensely in prayer and service. 

     What distinguishes the Koinonia is its announcement of the Gospel,  its openness to charismatic experience and service,  and its intense community life.  We strive to respond to the needs of the Church and society by advancing a new style of missionary life and service.  The Catholic Church calls this the New Evangelization.  It’s a movement new in its ardor,  its methods and expression – according to the teachings of the Church. 


An individual’s spirituality is characterized by his attitudes toward his relationship with God,  with himself and with others.  It’s a mindset that’s expressed through practical judgments and actions.

We model our spirituality on that of the biblical prophet John the Baptist – who proclaimed Jesus as the savior of the world. 

Like John,  we are a community called to evangelize,  empowered by the Holy Spirit.  This explains our community’s name.

At the heart of our spirituality is experience. 

We are living the experience of God: He is the Father of each of us,  Jesus is the Lord and the Holy Spirit is our helper and guide. 

We are living the experience of friendship – the experience of belonging to one another in a bond of perfection.


    We promote a new mentality that goes beyond desiring an evangelized Church to being an evangelizing Church… from “explaining” Jesus to presenting a living person who acts through the Holy Spirit.

Our mentality is best expressed in three Greek words:


the effective, incisive proclamation of the salvation in Jesus. This means being a witnesses to our own personal encounter with Him.


the ‘gift of grace’.  It means to experience the power of the Holy Spirit, who helps us to announce the Gospel and to build up the community.


which describes communion.  It is the experience of being blessed through the presence of brothers and sisters.  We want to be one body where everyone is mutually united in love.  This means living in friendship as one people united and animated by faithfulness and generous service.