the House of Prayer


Meeting of prayer, reading the bible and sharing about how good is God in our life. For our neighborscoworkers, classmates... everyone who wants to meet Jesus!

Duration: about 1 hour.

Once a week in small group in our private houses.


This is a monthly meeting of regional members. 

Agapito is a Greek word referring to a profound form of friendship that defines relationships within the Koinonia. 

The meeting promotes the members’ spiritual growth through casual time together, prayer, teachings, intercession and fraternal love.

Koinonia day

Larger meeting of people from all local Houses of Prayer (H.O.P.E).

The feast of Community with a powerful prayer, a preaching of Out Pastor, testimonies, good food with activities for kids and much more...

Duration: from 3 hour to... how much You would like to be with us.

Once a month in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Los Angeles, Watsonville.